About Us
Why was Local Government Resources created?
Because many well intentioned men and women become frustrated after they enter public office when they realize they lack the skills and/or expertise to:
Work with a “not so friendly” media
Develop a realistic annual government budget
Comply with state and federal mandates
Respond to irate taxpayers
We can put a smile on your face, lighten your load and help you stand out like a hero in your local community.
Gabe, a dynamic individual, enlisted in the United States Air Force at seventeen and learned to aim high. During his fantastic 20 plus year military career he earned a commission as a USAF Officer then went on to earn a Masters Degree in Public Administration from the University of Oklahoma.
After retiring from the USAF, Gabe began a career in public service as a County Administrator.  Gabe served two counties in two states.  During his extraordinary time in local government he oversaw the recovery efforts of a FEMA disaster, helped privatize several non-essential government functions, managed the construction of several public facilities as well as the total restoration of a 150 year old historic Government Center.  Most important, Gabe worked with local leaders and business owners in his county to launch several significant economic development initiatives in the townships, villages and cities he served.
After nearly 30 years of working with the challenges government officials face Gabe Gabrielsen co-founded Local Government Resources to assist Township, Village, City, County, Parish, Borough, School Board, Economic Development Authority, Special District and Public Commission local government officials, public employees, community leaders, civic activists and local businesses.
Throughout his military career Gabe was fortunate to have worked with a variety of high ranking and senior government officials, the best and the brightest, on a variety of politically sensitive initiatives.  Along the way he developed a keen understanding of effective responsible leadership and responsible government.