Personal and Confidential One-on-One Coaching
(not always needed - but available if you want it)
Have a concern?  Want to bounce an idea off a neutral party before you go public?  Confidential One-on-One Coaching might be the answer.  It’s an invaluable resource.
Results-Driven Consulting
When your unit of government hits a snag or you need help sorting out the major concerns of an issue, let Local Government Resources provide you with viable options and economical solutions.
Educational Workshops
Entertaining, educational and solution focused professional growth workshops specifically designed for Local Governments, Professional Associations, Trade Organizations and Chambers of Commerce.
Professional Development Seminars
High-impact professional development presentations ideal for conferences or conventions where audiences want something of value to take home.
Interim Assistance
Should your unit of government find itself in need of a “qualified” Manager/Administrator for a short period of time let Local Government Resources provide you with the temporary leadership you need -- a competent, proven and credentialed professional.
Special Project Management
When challenging initiatives such as downsizing, privatization, new construction or facility remodeling occur, why not have an experienced project manager who knows local government on your side.  A special project manager who can oversee these complex events for you and ensure your projects are completed correctly, efficiently, on time and within budget.
We know the financial limits imposed on units of local government.  All the services provided by Local Government Resources are affordable and come with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. Call us anytime with your questions at 800-272-7757.
Election / Re-Election Strategies
Want to serve or continue to serve a Local Government in your community?  Not sure how to launch a campaign for public office or do you see a tough race ahead?  Let Local Government Resources assist you with your campaign and prepare you for any heated debates that are planned.